Introduciton to half evil

Sorry for being absent for so long but life got in the way. This past weekend I introduced some of the guys I play D&D with to a concept document for a game I've been working on. The working title is Half Evil and it will be a PC RPG that will hopefully reach full maturity. I won't go into much detail because of copy rights and all that good fun legal issues but I will give you guys a small taste of what I've been working on.

The plot: A traveler from the future arrives at the doorstep of our hero wearing a blood covered uniform of the Society. Our Hero brings the man inside and discovers that the traveler is from the future and brings with him two things: news that, in the future, our hero becomes the most ruthless and evil emperor the world has ever known and Our Hero’s personal journal from the future. The journal tells the tale of our hero’s journey from a poor young man to the hero and eventually the ruler of the kingdom. What the journal doesn’t reveal, according to the traveler, is the secret evil that lives inside our hero that festers and grows in power and then takes over our hero’s mind once he is king. The traveler watched as our hero turned from benevolent ruler to a malevolent emperor bent on conquering the world. He has come back in time in the hopes that he can undo the future and prevent the world from this evil.

The document I showed the guys was 6 pages long and right now the full design document (if it could be called that) is about 17 pages long. Half Evil is my dream project and the game I would want to make if I had the resources but right now I would optimistically say that this game won't be ready for at least 9 years.

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