Slow As Sunday: Modern Warfare 2 retold (part two)

Spoiler alert! The following feature contains story elements from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is not a review but an analysis of the story told in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series. For those of you that will never play the game, skipped the “No Russian” mission, or missed the subtleties I encourage you to read on.

Part one of the retelling of Modern Warfare 2 can be found here.

With taskforce 141 currently busy (read “running for their lives”) General Sheperd briefs his latest recruit, Private Joseph Allen, on his plan to deal with Makarov. The CIA has gone to great lengths to obtain a cover ID, Alex Borodin, that will be used by the Private to get close to Makarov. What Allen will do once he is close to Makarov is unclear. The implication is that he will be deep under cover for the purpose of reporting Makarov’s activities and plans. What neither Allen or Sheperd realized is Makarov was prepared for the army ranger turned undercover agent. Before you know it Allen, now Borodin, is deep under cover and is participating in an attack on the Russian Zakahev International Airport. Hundreds of Russian civilians and law enforcement are killed while the Makarov, Borodin, and two Ultra-Nationalists all armed to the teeth carve a path of death and destruction through the airport. Just when it looked as if these villains were going to get away, Makarov turns and kills Borodin/Allen, sending a message to the Russian people.

The information revealed during and directly after the “No Russian” mission colors the rest of the story. First, we assume that Allen is quickly identified by Russian intelligence and the news of his identity is either leaked or deliberately given to the media. What kind of half truth the Russians fabricated is not known. Undoubtedly Allen was identified as an American, and in all likelihood as a solider, but his ties to the CIA were not verified. Even if they did release information that Allen was a CIA operative, Russian media could use that fact to call into question what involvement the Americans had in recent terrorist attacks. Maybe not all acts of violence were the doing of mad man Makarov but secret operations by the American government. Whatever the case may be, the right individuals in power were swayed, and now the Ultra-Nationalists plan was coming together. They have partial control of the military and support from those who were once on the fence. Makarov and the Ultra-Nationalists have aligned Russia and its people squarely against the United States of America.

Part 3 next week!

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