Oblivion with guns and so much more

Although I've read most of the "new information" on fallout three in past articles in Game Informer and Official Xbox Monthly magazines but IGN.com has a decent article and screen shots and videos to boot. Right now I'm attempting to purchase Fallout 2 on ebay so I can play through it and get a better picture of the roots of the series. While Deus Ex did it very well the last RPG/FPS I played, Bioshock, had less of a RPG element and more of an elaborate upgrade system. What I'm really excited about though is the ability to combine the parts of worn out guns to create new weapons. It would be awesome to try and duplicate weapons from the old west, movies, or even guns from other games. Maybe not in look or style but in functionality and performance. This is a colt 45 the most powerful hand gun in the world.

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