Side Note update

An interesting turn of events did occur. When I took that step, as described in my side note, of offering something meaningful to say in response to a "u suck" comment, I opened up a line of communication. When I treated that player with respect I received respect in turn and now we have a meaningful, yet stunted conversation going on Xbox Live. The negative image giving to Live by its overzealous and immature users has twisted other users' expectations. Instead of treating everyone we meet online as a prepubescent slavering X-bot, we should treat each other with respect. Matching any hostile, vulgar, and crude comment with a response that is respectful, or offering up no response at all. I'm not saying take out all the trash talk and competition. We can still taunt, one-up, and goad each other to distraction with respect.

Case in point. A day after my exchange with this individual we played another match, afterwards I received this message

"teams grew uneven towards the end,but pretty fair at 1st.well played."

If that isn't a major improvement over "u suck" I don't know what is.

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