Side note

I just got done playing a rather unbalanced match of Battlefield 1943 on Xbox Live. I played my best, as I always do, but my team struggled in the first 3-4 minutes as the teams were at a 5/7 split with mine being the former. Perseverance prevailed and as is want from competitive online games with open teams, the balance of the match quickly swung in our favor as more players joined. In the end I was the top scorer for my team on account of staying in the match for the duration and my humble (read:top notch) sniping skills.
I just got done with the match and was about to shut off for the night and get some sleep when a the top scorer from the other team sent me a message. I expected a congratulations or a like minded gripe about the unevenness of the teams but that was foolish of me.
The message was simply "u suck".

I understood the player's frustration all too well and I know why he might have thought it was I who somehow managed to snag the win out of nothing. While I confess to being good at the game, I'm not that good. So I sent a message back which read "it was a good match. the tides of war change swiftly. i look forward to playing you in a match where the teams are even for the duration."
I suspect the response will not be as kind.

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