Back and better than ever

So what happened? Where did I lose my blogging way? I got a job, is the short answer. I'm back, and as you may guess this means that I am currently not employed. The benefit to you is that now I can once again return to the internet and bombard the world with my wit and wisdom on a regular basis. When I'm not writing for GamingNexus.com. Speaking of which my review for the Xbox 360 version of Wolfenstein just went up. The game I'm currently working on reviewing is Defense Grid: the Awakening, a XBLA title that took me many tries to complete it's dastardly designed levels, but ultimately took less than 10 hours combined game time to complete all the levels. I've been debating on whether to finish each level on the different play through styles included, but they're either too easy or too hard and don't change the map in anyway, so there isn't much appeal for me.
Since my release from the bounds of drudgery and pay-checkery I've found time to play a lot more Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield: Bad Company online multiplayer. Switching back and forth between them is kind of awkward sometimes, not because the control schemes are different, but because in Battlefield I perform well, and in COD 4 I don't do so well. My brother claims its the opponents I play against, he assumes everyone who plays Battlefield: Bad Company online is under the age of 10, and that's why I do so well. I like to think its because my style of play is more suited to Battlefield than COD 4. I like to be slow and methodical, flanking the enemy position, retreating and reloading and then going back to do it all again rather than the fast paced twitchy gameplay that COD is mostly comprised of. I'm still looking forward to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in November, but I might also be downloading 1943 to get my first person shooter multiplayer fix.

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