Slow As Sunday: We Hardly Knew Ye

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Death comes to us all, at one point or another. I've always said, I'd like to die once before I go, just to see what it was like. In death we live on in the memory of our loved ones and the records kept in the ever expanding history of the human race. Those memories are filled with what we did in life, what we revealed of ourselves publicly and privately, and, of course, our achievement points. When I kick the bucket it is my wish that the priest read the list of my video game accomplishments as though I performed them in real life. Nathan was heroic and daring, on the planet of New Mombasa he wiped out entire battalions of brutes with reckless abandon and the world was a safer place for his bravery. In Azeroth Nathan slew thousands of boars to clothe and feed those who needed the gooey bits that resided in the creatures' remains. His gear was epic and as a healer saved many a party from wiping.

It may seem ridiculous, but there are those who are still alive who are most famous for, and will be remembered for their video game prowess. So will there come a day when it is social acceptable to have your achievement points etched into your grave marker? Maybe, but it would be a long time before that social evolution took place. More likely would be the creation of internet shrines, websites where the scores of the dead are immortalized and honored. When visiting do make sure your antivirus software is up to date. Greatness isn't contagious but Trojan viruses are.

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